Membership in OGA is set on an annual basis, beginning January 1st of each year.  Dues are not prorated during the calendar year.

Associate Members - persons, firms, companies or corporations actively engaged in the manufacture or fabrication of appliances, supplies or equipment for the gas industry; the sale or distribution of same; or persons, firms, companies, or corporations that furnish professional services or contract services to the gas industry.

Associate Members                                       $375

Distribution Members - persons, firms, companies, or corporations actively engaged in the distribution or delivery of natural gas by means of pipeline systems.

Municipal Members - gas distributors or delivery systems owned and/or operated by local governments (municipal or county), special trusts or authorities, or master meters.

Dues for Distribution and Municipal Members (except Master Meters) are based on the number of active Meters

100,001 and Over                                            $3,000
50,001 to 100,000                                            $1,500
10,001 to 50,000                                              $750
2,501 to 10,000                                                $400
0 to 2,500                                                         $200

Master Meter Members                                  $100

PGT Members - persons, firms, companies or corporations actively engaged in the Production, Gathering and/or Transmission of natural gas.

PGT Members                                                  $750
(Production, Gathering Transmission)              $500 (first year of membership)

Click here to apply as the Primary Contact for an Associate, Distribution, Municipal, Master Meter, or PGT Membership. Use the Additional Contact Application to add additional members once you've applied. 



Individual Members - individuals, active or retired, engaged in activities related to the gas industry, whose business, if applicable, is ineligible for any other class of membership.

Individual Members                                        $25

Click here to apply for the Individual Membership